Mobile phones


Mobile phones are a part of our personality these days and everyone wants the latest and best phone. We have a wide range of phones, so you can always make the right choice.



If a mobile is too small and a laptop too big, the tablet is the perfect solution. The ease of use and application possibilities are enormous. Simply read a book, watch a movie, or use your editing programs, the tablet is the best choice for that.


Nowadays everything goes by the computer, a laptop is a technical invention that makes it all a lot easier, because you can always have it at hand, it is small, light in weight and you can do everything with it, you can do with a desktop. At NiMa Global you can find a wide range of the fastest and best laptops.


Gaming consoles


While gaming used to be something for the youth, adults are now just as much into gaming. This is due to the innovation of the gaming consoles where you can play against each other with several people at the same time in different places. The games are almost indistinguishable from the real thing and everyone wants to be the best. We supply the best gaming console from various brands.

Smart accesoires


In the era of internet of things, everyone wants to have the best inventions and most creative gadgets to distinguish themselves. Of course, quality and convenience also play an important role. At Nima Global we follow the latest developments in the digital field and the gadgets that come on the market, so that you are always one step ahead of the rest and will always be in the spotlight.

Dyson vacuum cleaners

With a Dyson product at home you can create a wow effect with the eye-catching designs alone, add the versatility, power and ease of use and you know for sure that you have a great product at home. Take, for example, the wireless vacuum cleaner that you can use to thoroughly clean your house or the fans that make air conditioning unnecessary. Nima Global offers a range of individual Dyson inventions, such as: hair stylers, air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, hand dryers.