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Our skilled logistics department simplifies your deal, helping to ensure the safe and fast & smooth delivery of your goods. With 5 extern logistics experts warehouses and 1 intern central warehouse, we effectively manage each delivery from beginning to end. Count on us to take care of all aspects of the delivery, including insurance, PI, PO, customs release and more. We aren’t finished until your goods are delivered safe.

Van der Kunstraat 14-A, 2521BB ‘s-Gravenhage, The Netherlands

Tokyostraat 1-5, 1175RB Lijnden, The Netherlands

L&A Freight B.V.

Rijnlanderweg 766-K, 2132NM Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Geo Logistik s.r.l.

Via Vinca 2, zona industriale di Stiatico, 40016 San Giorgio di Piano (BO), Italy

EL Logistica s.r.l.

Via Arno 9, 22070 Casnate con Bernate CO, Italy

GTG Logistics GmbH

Ernst-Weyden-Str. 13, 51105 Köln, Germany

CU Logistics GmbH

Sperbersloher Str. 124, 90530 Wendelstein, Germany

Master Logistics & Warehouse

Strojnická 398, 735 62 Český Těšín, Czech Republic

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Who are we

The NiMa Group is a pioneer in the mobile phone trade industry when it was founded by his owners. Today, NiMa Group is a big player as an international distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, and other consumer electronics.

With many sales agents, 6 logistics specialists and operations in 3 continents, NiMa Group knows how to get your deal done anytime and anywhere. Our experts source deals around the world, leveraging our exclusive connections and years of experience to get you the best deal at the best price. With NiMa Group, you get a full service, timely delivery, and seamless transactions.

NiMa Holding BV is the central holding company of the NiMa Group. NiMa Holding B.V. is the only shareholder. NiMa Holding BV is active in real estate and is a professional organization where quality is of paramount importance.

NiMa Holding BV is a shareholder in 4 subsidiaries. Together with the holding company, these 4 subsidiaries form the leading NiMa group. Buying real estate and providing a high-quality service are in the DNA of this group of companies of the NiMa group. In addition, several subsidiaries are also active in the world of consumer electronics, working almost exclusively with manufacturers of leading A-brands.

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